Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams is an American pop/R&B singer, record producer, and actress.

Williams rose to fame after being crowned the first African-American Miss America. However, she was forced to resign after becoming the subject of a photo scandal involving Penthouse magazine.

Williams regained her fame and composure rather quickly after pursuing a music career and releasing two major hit singles; "Save the Best for Last", and a cover of the theme song for Disney's 1995 animated feature, Pocahontas, entitled "Colors of the Wind". "Save the Best for Last" became her biggest single to-date, reaching number-one on the Billboard Hot 100, while "Colors of the Wind" reached number four.

Vanessa Williams also has a frequent career as an actress. In 2009, she landed a supporting in Hannah Montana: The Movie as Vita, and in 2010, joined the cast of the hit television drama series, Desperate Housewives.

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